Our Key Wealth Points…

  • Understand the map you were given is wrong, and therefore has led you in the wrong direction. (Let the past go and move to a brighter future!)

  • The motivations of bankers and investors are in direct contrast to your interests. So what are our motivations? We want to help everyone who wants to become healthy, wealthy, and free find a solution. Yes, we sell these solutions, yet we also USE these solutions to achieve which we offer.

  • Accumulating wealth has less to do with income, and more to do with strategy and mathematics. Let combinatorics lead you to the fastest path to rid you of the bondage of debt. 

  • How do banks invest their money? Why are so many of their secret tactics hidden from us? 

  • The people on this platform want you to succeed. We are not nameless and faceless. We are here every day, and have Webinar’s where you can see us and speak to us on a consistent basis. We live what we preach!

  • This is for starters! 

  • Let us grow stronger, healthier, wealthier, and free together! 


How We See Wealth


What is a Free DNA Financial Analysis?

If you are hesitant to try our free DNA debt analysis thinking that it will bring you to an oversees call bank, it doesn’t–it brings you to Sam Piccione, Jr., founder of the Debt Network Academy. His focus is to help educate people on his philosophy and debt analysis software. With 45 years of experience in Financial Services, he is a fountain of knowledge and has a passion to see people transform their finances. He does this based on math and technology to find financial solutions that does not take drastic lifestyle changes.

Imagine going to drive your car and all of the controls are gone. There is nothing to let you know how fast you are going, how much gas you have in your tank, or if your engine is overheating. This is exactly what it is like for most people in the world today in relation to their finances. This DNA analysis will let you know where YOU stand financially and what your options are to put you in the drivers seat with all the controls you need to navigate to your destination of having ZERO debt!


"What if Your Money Could Talk, Would You Listen?"

Think about it, if your money only went to current expenses, making only minimum payments on credit cards, barely paying down the principal of debt, you find yourself in a never ending debt cycle. 

 How much freer would you be in health and in wealth, if you had a system to help make the debt go away? How much money would you be saving each month toward wealth, not debt?

Would you then be able to then focus on other essential topics such as your health, your family, and experience freedom of choice?

If you have Wealth without Health or Health without Wealth, then your freedom is dampened. Make a decision, take action. Let us help!

If you have debt, you do not have complete freedom!