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Wednesday, April 24th, noon ET

(9 Pacific)

Awakened Coaching Against Status Quo Health

With Mike Vera, coach & podcast host

With the Orwellian nature of Covid sending off a portion of humanity into creative soul-searching, coaches in this cohort have had to redefine their mission.

It isn’t just about helping independent Americans find their calling.  Now it’s about making money doing not just good, but something to help along the Great Awakening.

Self-thinking humans know the special interest junta is looking for another reason to lock us down and sicken us with their FDA-approved “medicine”.  Their growing wireless mesh of antennas outside our bedrooms, classrooms & parks will spy on, fry and coerce compliance – tracked via Digital ID.  They’re poisoning our crops, land and skies.  Influential oligarchs exploit government to erect barriers to entrepreneurs who might threaten their profits.  What strategies can a critical thinker employ to thrive during the Great Reset?

Not only advising on life, business and health, Mr. Vera hosts a podcast to platform the change-agents who are showing the way to those of us who want a better world, and a way to profit and live life fully – as we make it so.

Your Freedom Hub

Thursday, April 25th, noon ET

(9 Pacific)

Disease X – Globalists’ Final Lockdown

with Thomas Baine, Conglomerate-threatening Energy Innovator, ElectricalChemical Reverse Engineer & Anti-Corruption Activist

It will bring the Earth’s nations to heel and keep them from exiting the World Health Organization (WHO), if humans were trauma-based-mind-controlled into just enough fear of another “Covid”. Former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney reports that a Japanese scientist is warning that the Disease X vaccine will “self-replicate” (like the Spike Protein?), and our friend Dr. Lyons-Weiler has a poll on which disease “X” will be.

Will people resist…or comply?  The WHO’s International Health Regulations – and new Pandemic Treaty – are due next month, yet HR 79 to exit the WHO has only 50 cosponsors.  Yet, exemptions from all vaccines are at their highest level ever – so parents are starting to wake up.  Furthermore, there’s a bill in Congress to re-impose liability on pharma for vaxx injuries, and the NHF (National Health Federation) is seeking original cosponsors for its bill to demand informed consent and expose over-vaccination for causing our real epidemic: chronic disease.

Of course, there are ancillary threats from digital ID tracking, energy-rationing carbon footprints, cancellable Central Bank digital currency, and a growing wireless mesh of antennas outside our bedrooms to spy, fry, and coerce us into compliance.

Mr. Baine has presented twice before, on the evidence of death from the Covid hospital protocol, and on barriers to ‘free energy’ inventions.  Thursday he will present on the engineering of symptoms using chemical weapons to simulate airborne pandemics; the next genocidal wave they’re preparing, designed to ensure an infertile population, or as the Talmud says in Zohar II 64b, “The Goyim birth rate must be diminished materially.”  Former career CIA agent and Kissenger minion, Melissa Fleming, has confirmed this.  

Claiming to be the world’s #1 Breakthrough Energy Innovator, Thomas wowed our audience with his chemistry on the hospital protocol and the mystery on how to access cheap, effective energy.  Claiming publicly his faith in the Christian Science path (stemming from the power of prayerful healing), he’s proven himself a friend of humanity – and enemy of the corrupt globalists.

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