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Wednesday, March 6th, noon ET

(9 Pacific)

Reversing Alzheimer’s…

…via Memory Mastery

With Richard Lee, CWC, Founder & CEO, Epitome Wellness

Ordinarily, Mr. Lee coaches executives how to understand and believe how “extraordinary” they are – to move past hurdles towards goal success.  But Richard wanted to apply his tools not just to driven entrepreneurs, but also fellow humans sinking into confused oblivion.  Using Brain Health techniques, he arrived at memory enhancement as a key to reversing Alzheimers.

Educated at the world famous Mayo Clinic, Mr. Lee helps guide people on how to live a great life while also helping family members suffering from dementia.

Your Freedom Hub

Thursday, March 7th, noon ET

(9 Pacific)

Does Jacob Rothschild’s Death End Bankster Control?

“They’ve” been dividing & conquering for 2 centuries

With Mike King of

The central bank divided America’s founding because Thomas Jefferson knew giving into Alexander Hamilton’s scheme would subject our Revolution to control by globalist banksters.  Blamed for the 1817 Depression following our refusal to renew the expiring First Bank, future president Andrew Jackson called them the “Den of Vipers” everyone knew Rothschild’s banksters to be, when he killed the Second Bank.  Lincoln was killed probably because he established an American currency without Bankster involvement, as was JFK after his domestic money experiment.  Everyone knows the 1913 Federal Reserve stemmed from Rothschild’s cronies – Warburg, Rockefeller & Morgan.

Rothschild even promised Britain to get an unwilling America engulfed in the First World War, in exchange for Britain’s support for the Zionist colony in Palestine.  In the 1950s Communist whistleblower Bella Dodd warned the satanic banksters wanted nothing less than the demolition of Western family values.  And now with anti-semitism weaponized to chill any criticism of Jewish Power, the patriarch, Jacob, has died.

Does this end the dynasty or bankster control?  Can departure from the Fed (& UN) allow, finally, a return of the American Republic, divorced from tribal, foreign or global interests?  How do we assert an America First policy to protect our liberty and very lives from this global power that for centuries has divided and conquered all opposition?

Mr. King is the author of many books on the New World Order, including “Planet Rothschold”, and the “Bad War”.  His “Invisible Critic” series of videos on each decade of American History are a must, for anyone wanting more than the mainstream’s ridiculous tally of past events.

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