Our perspective on health: As we have seen over the past few years, a health crisis can create a shutdown – not only of our country –  the world.  Clearly, that is how important health is. In trying to wrap our heads around this, there could not be more varied information about COVID-19. Was it as terrible a virus as they tried to make us believe? Did the vaccines help in any way, or did they actually end up killing people?

Our perspective is to look at the population that remain healthy and resilient in any situation. What is different about them versus the ones that die or become severely ill? 

There is so much focus on fear that it clouds reality. What can we do to achieve the best possible health and breeze through a pandemic? What are the best products available? What do we use, and what information do we have that the general population does not hear or know about? 


How We See Health


What information do we have that the general population does not hear or know about?

In the early 1900’s many American’s had herbal gardens, used natural medicine, and practiced homeopathy.

In 1910, Rockefeller paid Abraham Flexner to visit all the medical schools in the US and to create a “report.” This “Flexner Report” called for the standardization of medical education.

Rockefeller then used his control of the media to generate public outcry at the findings of the report. This is a playbook strategy called “problem, reaction, solution.” This ultimately led Congress to declare the AMA (American Medical Association) the only body with the right to grant medical school licenses in the United States.

So today, if your doctor finds a natural solution that works better than pharmacueticals and prescibes it,  they are out of their scope of practice. Doctor’s are only protected if they follow the AMA standards of care. Meanwhile, most people are not aware that there are other more effective approaches to health.


What is bioregulatory medicine?

The human body is a wondrous, self-regulating mechanism.  Our job is to support  it, not suppress it. The paradigm that reflects this based on the science of self-healing is Bioregulatory Medicine. Bioregulatory medicine is wholistic in that it views the body as a living system – and a matrix of interconnectedness – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The Bioregulatory Medicine Institute is a non-profit free of commercial interest dedicated in spreading the science and art of this advanced way of thinking.  Click here.


How is it possible to buy organic foods, take time off, save money for the future when health insurance prices are so high? And why are they so high?

In conventional insurance doctors only make approximately 30 cents on every dollar which inflates the cost to you! The middleman making the money is the insurance companies. So a solution was created and we welcome you to the WoW app that will transform healthcare as we know it!

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