What is a Free DNA Financial Analysis anyway? Let’s discuss the “free part” first. 


Well, you can start with a free visit to Barnes and Noble. That is where I go each month when the new monthly financial magazines come out on the shelf. I sit and have a coffee, brief through the magazines, and then wander around the discount book shelves. My only cost is the coffee itself. Sometimes I buy a book or even a magazine that I feel has value-added info, that I like to keep for my information library.

So we take a similar approach to our online 90-day Financial Course. 


We preview your current household cash flow, all debt, and interest costs, FREE. No obligation to buy anything. You start by completing our simple questionnaire. (no social security numbers, no credit check). We then use our advanced technical software to enter your confidential cash flow and debt numbers from your DNA Worksheet. This is not a calculator system, it is advanced algorithms. 


What does the analysis do?


The computer generated analysis provides you the missing map needed to get out of debt. It lets you know if how much interest you will save and how long it will take to be free of the bondage of debt. Combined with my online 90-day Financial Course you will know how to master the software (your map), along with specific guidance,* to find your way to financial freedom.


*Specific guidance

-Should you put more money into retirement or paying down debt?

-Should you access any soluble assets to decrease debt?

-How small amounts of extra earned income can dramatically take you to be debt

free years sooner.

-Why having the lowest percentage rate on your mortgage is where banks want you to

place your focus.

-Once debt-free, what will you do with your CASH-FLOW freedom?



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