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The Great Reset

Called “The Great Reset” or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, at its epicenter is Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum (WEF).  Other major players include, the WHO, the United Nations, the world’s largest NGO’s, corporations, and the “Davos billionaire-class” oligarchs.  As Schwab (aka Dr. Evil) spells out in his mission-defining book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset is nothing less than a plan to kill off much of the human race and enslave the rest – after connecting the remaining humans to computers which will surveil and control them. (Just look at China where it is already well under way.)  If it sounds more like some Luciferian plot to create a living Hell here, it could very well be.  Nothing is off the table at this point.

Still, we have the numbers, the heart, and we have God on our side to help shift the paradigm – and we must coordinate and focus our efforts… share this message widely… and put our money, time, and resources, as we can, towards creating a new and better world.  And we must hold these criminals accountable. 

Lastly, despite it all, we need to live in joy and be fearless.  Like the main theme from the film Monsters, Inc., laughter is much more powerful than fear.  Always know in your heart that we WILL get through this; that the Divine Spirit is with you, and a new era for humanity is about to begin. 

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