NOW is the time to institute a new and better approach to “medicine” — to caring for our health. This advanced Biofeedback may be just the place to start. First, the back story.


In 2011, international consulting giant Price Waterhouse Coopers wrote, “Conventional medicine is failing, even in the most advanced nations of the world.” In 2016, the New York Times declared medical error to be the third leading cause of death. Shortly after that, it came out that the fourth leading cause of death was pharmaceutical drugs — properly prescribed drugs. And now, in this era of COVID, it has become apparent that the lockdowns, mandates, and questionable CDC protocols not only killed our economies, they have killed and harmed people – by the millions.

 This must be our wakeup call to focus our attention on this failed, big-medicine-driven system. So, what is the deeper problem here which is tied to the corruption? In 2009, top medical researchers at Stanford and elsewhere discovered that up to half of all medical science was false. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Leading medical journals and mainstream media carried the story, yet NO reforms were made. It was business as usual.
Today, more than half of Americans are suffering with at least one chronic disease; 1 in 6 children has a behavioral disorder; and we have the highest infant mortality in the industrialized world. Should we really be surprised when the evidence in evidence-based-medicine is missing?

Of course, this is all compounded by a broken insurance system. With a one-size-fits-all standard-of-care approach, and payouts limited to largely drugs, surgery, and radiation, these companies are big contributors to medicine’s failure and people’s ongoing hellth crisis. Fortunately, better and less costly cost-sharing health plans are starting to catch on.


So, here’s the million-dollar question: Once you become aware of the crimes, the industry’s malfeasance, and the lack of a scientific evidentiary base, then what? Where do you turn for vetted health care? To naturopathic doctors? To acupuncturists? To chiropractors? Maybe. But I’d like to suggest a different tack… or at least a better starting point.


A health journey must begin with accurate metrics – to enable you to determine the kind of health support you need and the type of practitioner who will best serve you. Will an annual physical exam give you that baseline? Absolutely not. My friend died a week after his physical after his doctors – at Johns Hopkins, no less — pronounced him fit as a fiddle. Why? Well, the biggest problem with the physical exam is that it is focused on the physical, and that is only a small part of the health equation. In fact, I would imagine this annual exam is a contributor to our growing health crisis because, like wearing face masks, it gives people a false sense of confidence. Though positioned as the gold standard almost a century ago, we’ve since learned that health is influenced by many non-physical factors, such as:


1) Emotional stressors and our beliefs (or programming), 2) Nutrition, 3) Dental and Oral Health – (super important because the toxic bacteria in root canals and gum disease also causes chronic disease), 4) Pathogens and Environmental Toxins (EMFs, chemicals, heavy metals, plastics, etc.), 5) Genomics, and 6) Spiritual factors.


The ideal assessment exam, then, would consider all of these factors – and would give us a comprehensive set of health metrics quickly, accurately, and inexpensively. These assessment devices would be consistent with the latest quantum science (where Einstein found that our energy fields actually govern our physical bodies), and they would see us as whole (wholistic), interconnected “systems” — systems that rely on the proper flow of energy and voltage to correctly function. Do devices like this exist? They do! They are known as Quantum or Bioresonance Biofeedback devices and have slowly been gaining recognition worldwide. Like the diagnostic computers mechanics use on our cars, these devices are capable of quickly scanning you for thousands of health variables and covering all of the areas above.


These advanced biofeedback systems, built on real rocket science, give us a much deeper look ‘under our hoods,’ so to speak. The technology has been around for decades, but because of its disruptive (to industry profits) nature – it has been suppressed. Think of these like the medical monitoring equipment used in hospitals, but on steroids. Joe Galloway, one of the engineers who helped develop those initial EEG and ECG devices, also developed some of the latest generation of biofeedback devices. Joe describes these new devices as a ‘quantum leap’ forward. “We designed those original monitors fifty years ago,” he told me. “Since then, this technology has advanced light years.”


Bioresonance Biofeedback: A Systems Engineering Approach to Health


Bioresonance not only helps us to reframe the concept of health – which is really all about balance (homeostasis) and resiliency — it also puts the focus on true well-being, as opposed to just disease care. In short, it provides us with a new path forward; a road map, so we are not stuck in no-man’s land… or no-doctor’s land, if you will.


What can systems like the Quest 9™ or TimeWaver™ do, for example? For starters, they can scan you for – not dozens – but over twelve thousand health variables… in minutes. Even better, like today’s telemedicine, you do not even have to visit the doctor’s office. Their use of scalar-wave technology enables them to scan and read you — for the resonant frequencies of everything from molds to viruses to mineral levels – at home or anywhere in the world.


So, what exactly is bioresonance? Well, to resonate means to produce electrical or mechanical resonance; to be in harmony with something. The term resonant frequency, which you’ve probably heard, refers to the natural frequency of vibration as determined by the physical parameters of the vibrating object. Think ‘tuning forks.’ Yet, every living thing vibrates, too. This basic idea of physically determined natural frequencies applies throughout physics. The fact that conventional medicine calls bioresonance “unproven” is absurd, and a testament to the fact that conventional medicine is a century behind the rest of science — to the detriment of you and I.


This technology has already helped millions around the world. In China, for example, the government did extensive testing with these devices for several years with their Olympic teams. They were so impressed that they purchased several thousand devices for use in their hospitals. Do these replace labs or other standard diagnostics? No. They each have their place.


For a general health overview, though, and that deep look under the hood… nothing compares. Plus, not only can these devices scan you and provide reports, they can “feed back” to you the correct balanced energies to help your body regain its optimal health and function. World tennis star Novak Djokovic attributes his success to them. Can they clear out excessive heavy metals or fix an infected root canal, though? No. They can help with those, but only in a small way. Their real value here is in pointing you towards finding additional solutions – like detoxing protocols or perhaps seeing a dentist.


For psycho-emotional issues, though, such as clearing trauma or addictions, they are excellent. I worked with one of these devices, an ONDAMED™, at a “Stop Smoking” clinic I ran some years back. People who smoked two and three packs a day were able to walk out after a single, 90-minute session and never smoke again. Pretty impressive. How does that work? Think of today’s noise-cancelling headphones. Instead of inverting the sound waves, these devices invert and cancel out the energetic frequencies of the addiction pattern. Why don’t we hear about these? Again, because they would cut into the profits of nicotine gums and stop-smoking meds. And while they have been shown to work for drug and alcohol addictions, this would likely wipe out the rehab industry. (But, wouldn’t that be a good thing?)


Because these sensitive devices can uncover imbalances long and help correct them before you begin to express physical symptoms, you may never (theoretically) have to deal with chronic illness again. No cancer, no heart disease, no Alzheimer’s, no strokes. Again, bad for industry profiteering… but good for us.


Personally, I would like to see this concept of resonance – the main principle underlying all of Bioregulatory Medicine and life, itself — become mainstream. This has the potential to shift us into a new model, one based around balance, resiliency, and well-being; to not only deliver a healthier future, but to bring back the art of medicine. “Health,” wrote Gabor Mate, MD, “rests on three pillars; the body, the psyche, and the spiritual connection. To ignore any one of them is to invite imbalance and dis-ease.” With today’s advanced bioresonance biofeedback devices, the principle of bioresonance can be applied to all three pillars – to help make a smarter, happier, and healthier YOU.


Jim Grapek is an independent, award-winning writer/producer (featured on the Discovery Channel), a board-certified Biofeedback practitioner, and founder of The Pavilion an immersive, 21st century community nexus that delivers the best that science, Bioregulatory Medicine, and an awakened humanity have to offer — to enable people to live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

(This policy shift has been denied by the school district; A copy of the “Transformative Education Professional Development & Grading” would help correct the representation in the media (USA Today’s so-called “Fact-Check” won’t do it given how much they got wrong about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines).

Let’s just agree that problem substitution is not an acceptable solution.


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