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“Appropriate public education must emphasize the unfortunate but clear limitations of current medical practice in curing the common killer diseases. In reality, there is very little our medical science can do.”

~Dr. Beverly Winikoff, the Rockefeller Foundation, 1977


The above quote from the Rockefeller Foundation should have “stopped the presses,” as the saying goes. After all, it was John D. Rockefeller who in 1910, essentially created the healthcare monopoly we know today as conventional medicine. Yet, we are now finding out, as Dr. Winikoff alluded to, in terms of curing the common killer diseases, our biggest challenge, there is “very little medical science can do.” In fact, both independent and government researchers – from the late 70’s onward — found that between a third and a half of all medical science is patently false. And they’ve kept this under wraps while it has been business as usual!? OMG! This translates into a lot of people – likely some that you and I know (or it could be you or I) — getting needlessly harmed or killed by this conventional, “battlefield” medicine that was never designed as “health” care; not purposely killed, mind you, at least pre-COVID, but needlessly.


Those paying attention can see it. Some 50% of Americans under 30; 70% of those over 45 – are suffering with chronic disease. That’s more than 100-million people. 1-in-6 children has a behavioral disorder, and diseases like autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, are at epidemic levels. And get this: we have one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the world, which many have argued is also conventional medicine’s fault, given we have the world’s most aggressive childhood vaccine schedule. Ironically, COVID proved that true. After the lockdowns began, infant deaths dropped dramatically… after the lockdowns forced them to skip their childhood vaccinations!


While COVID began turning our world upside down in 2019 – and now more so since the release of the damning Pfizer vaccine trial documents, showing Pfizer knew how the shots would harm people, America was already in the midst of its worst health crisis ever. Of course, few could have imagined that a manufactured pandemic, a plandemic, was just around the corner. Today, information continues to pour out showing that ‘big medicine’ — including Dr. Fauci’s NIAID, the WHO, CDC, and FDA, were all complicit in criminal behavior; and that the vaccines — or more accurately, these experimental, mRNA gene-therapy injections – contained, by design, debilitating and toxic ingredients.


Add to that the suppression of proven treatments, constant fear mongering, the statistical manipulation, the quite deadly Remdesivir plus Ventilator hospital protocols, the exorbitant financial incentives paid to hospitals for COVID and ventilator deaths, and all of the other unscientific so-called “health” policies which harmed and killed millions worldwide in one coordinated effort, and the story it reveals is one of the deepest corruption. A story that’s hard to believe or to even imagine, yet there is overwhelming evidence that the COVID plandemic was engineered by the world’s medical authorities and governments at the behest of the global oligarchs to, 1) reduce the world’s population, and 2) to institute a new system of global digital passports and human control under the guise of their Great Reset.


To quote Dr. Robert Malone, a leader in the field of vaccines and a co-developer of Moderna’s mRNA technology,


“The biomedical world that I thought I was living in has been revealed to be a sham. The legitimacy of the industry and discipline that I have committed my entire professional life to is in shambles. I am now embarrassed to call myself a vaccines and biodefense expert, because the fundamental corruption inherent in those domains has been so clearly revealed. I cannot un-see what I have seen. I cannot recapture all of those years spent in a profoundly corrupt academic system, spent supporting a deeply compromised discipline which appears primarily driven by financial interests rather than by what I had naively believed was a commitment to saving lives.”


THE SILVER LINING: This is Shifting the Paradigm


If there is a silver lining here — and I see a few – it is that it has enabled many of us to see this widespread corruption that has been going on for a long, long time. The game has been rigged — not just healthcare and medicine, but finance, banking, governments, industries, academia, and the list goes on. So, yeah, it IS time for a “Great Reset” — just not theirs. Another silver lining? As the medical monopoly comes crashing down, it will be easier to educate people so they can be healthier. How many people, for instance, are even aware that there are cures for most diseases out there? There are. Yet, they often do not involve drugs or surgery.


I have personally seen people cured of Alzheimer’s, cancer, and more. I even cured my asthma and heart palpitations – though my doctors told me it was not possible. And check this out: Back in 2015 I had the privilege of filming a Dutch physician — Dr. Harry van der Zee. (Check out his video around 4:25 min). A conventionally trained doctor, Dr. van der Zee wasn’t seeing the results he wanted in his patients so he tried adding homeopathy to his toolbox. It turned out to be so effective that he started using it in his nonprofit – which helps African families. In the last decade, his group has immunized and CURED thousands of African children and adults of AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis. Yes, you read that right. CURED. Using homeopathy, he even saved a co-worker who was dying from Ebola — whose only outcome — we have been led to believe — is pretty much the big “D.”


Let’s look at another example, Vitamin B17 (Laetrile), found to cure cancer. So, why aren’t we treating cancer with Laetrile… or IV Vitamin C instead of chemo? These are just a few of the therapies used in Mexico and Germany, for instance, which have much better efficacy and survival rates than we do. Both are quite inexpensive plus they actually cure people. The problem? From big pharma’s perspective, every person cured is a customer lost. As Goldman Sachs explained, ‘Curing people is not a good business model.’ Really? Is this how we want our healthcare run?


Meanwhile, we are constantly reminded of how horrible or deadly cancer and many other diseases are. Why? I believe to scare us, to weaken our immune systems, and to hide the truth that we can heal ourselves.


If you are already struggling with chronic disease, I suggest that you enlist the help of one of the thousands of integrative, cash-pay doctors, biological dentists, and/or non-conventional health practitioners. What does “cash pay” have to do with it? Simple. When you pay with cash, a cost-sharing plan, or a DPO (Direct Pay Option), the doctor is paid by you to treat you; they don’t have to follow the rules of a 3rd party payer like big insurance or Medicare. Still, because up to half of medical science is wrong – and I bet even the best physicians won’t always know which half — doing your own research and getting second opinions is highly recommended. YOU are your best advocate.


So, here we are in 2022. The rotting tree has cracked and fallen and the termites are scrambling. Can we all agree that it is time to take back control from big business and the captured regulatory agencies and set up a new and better system? Besides, the pharmaceutical industry — to drive the point home — is the largest criminal defrauder of the federal government. It is also, according to Gallop, the industry America distrusts the most – or at least that 30% or so who said “no” to the jab.


Today, as more and more doctors, experts, and vaccine injury victims continue to speak out, I’m confident we can look forward to implementing a new, more efficient, and more cost-effective healthcare system. What might this look like? For one, I see a future where open-minded physicians and “complimentary” healers work together; where there is always informed consent, where doctors and biological dentists work side by side (since oral health is directly tied to chronic disease); where drugs and surgery are the last options presented, and where new understandings and technologies will create a new paradigm in well-being. And that new paradigm will be delivered through next generation, multiplexed community hubs like The Pavilion.


In the next installment, I’ll go into more of the specifics and dive deeper into how you can start getting onboard with this healthier future, right now, with the help of organizations like BRMI, AAPS and others.


Here’s to your health!


Jim Grapek is an award-winning writer/producer/director, a board-certified Biofeedback

Practitioner, and a long-time advocate for liberty, informed consent, and a person’s right to choose their preferred health care. Jim is also the Founder of The Pavilion, a next generation, EPCOT-like community hub for healthy, conscious living that will enable people to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.



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