(So, what happened to COVID?)

OMG! This war isn’t even about Putin taking down Ukraine, as an article in one of our newspapers just revealed. Putin’s true goal in Ukraine is the destruction of the United States!

Seriously? Even if there were some truth to that, which I find hard to believe, Nancy … er, I mean Biden, and the leftist Democrats, have been doing that for the last two years now, and quite effectively I might add. From an ideological standpoint, though, maybe there’s something to this, particularly because this United States is largely a fraud. It is NOT the United States as it was supposed to be — a democratic, Constitutional republic. Like the CDC, FDA, EPA, HHS, DOJ, and all of the other CAPTURED government agencies, we live in a captured republic. But, getting back to Ukraine, here are two short videos which I think sum things up quite well.

A Russian is Speaking the Truth About Ukraine War and Why Hold Your Hat

Man living in Ukraine says President Zelenskyy is Evil & giving Weapons to Gang Members

Furthermore, I’m also hearing lots of chatter about anomalies in the news reporting: fake footage… old war footage, and so on. I wonder. Is this to fool the enemy… or you and I? In a Fox new commentary a Ukrainian Parliament member admits outright, that, “We are also fighting for this New World Order.” (Well, I suppose that explains it. )

My point is this: I think it’s time to press PAUSE for a minute and ask ourselves, “Do we really know what’s going on?” All we’ve largely ever gotten from the media and government is lies: Lies about COVID, about our banking system and the Federal Reserve, lies about the Iraqi war, the Cuban Missile Crisis, 9-11, Libya, and the list goes on and on and on. So why should this be any different? Think about it. Aren’t these the very same “leaders” that were (or are) working to lockdown, imprison, and control us at this very moment!?

What we do know, though, is that people on both sides are being killed, and that the soldiers doing the killing must follow orders. Because of that, we know that many will live out their lives traumatized; burdened with guilt, hatred, shame, and PTSD, because of the war. Long term this will exact a toll — not just on them, but on their families, their friends, and their community. Can’t we do better?

I suggest the best course of action is to avoid taking sides and to rise above the fray. To send our love and compassion to those suffering on both sides, and to picture the truth rising up, the guns being put down, and peace encircling the globe. And remember to trust the plan. The BIG plan. 😉

by Jim Grapek, Pavilion CEO and Freedom Hub Co-Host

JimGrapek is an award-winning writer/producer/director and a long-time advocate for self-responsibility, liberty, and informed consent. He is also the Founder and CEO of The Pavilion, a next generation, EPCOT-like community hub and “delivery system” for healthy, conscious living that will enable people to live well at any age. Jim can be reached at JHGrapek@ThePavilionCenter.com



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