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Established in 2018

Your-MP.com was started by a group of us who felt that our health, wealth (abundance), and freedom, were under attack.  Indeed, they were.  Now, with the official U.S. vaccine adverse event reporting agency (VAERS) showing tens of thousands of deaths and over a million serious COVID vaccine adverse events, this dark plan to control the world through medical tyranny – right out of a bad Hollywood movie — is there for all to see; at least those strong enough to push aside their stunned disbelief to examine the facts.  Mind you, that’s no easy task.  Even the most “conspiracy” minded a few years ago could never have imagined the extent and evil of this brazen world coupe being carried out today.

The core Freedom Hub group consists of Charles Frohman, Jeff Kanter, Jane Dolan, and Jim Grapek.  We are a group of idealists.  While our expertise varies, all of us see our freedoms being eroded by the minute.  In order for us to succeed individually, we must also succeed collectively. This is not possible in today’s oppressive paradigm, which is why we are working to change it.

Jeff Kanter, a Syracuse University graduate, has spent over thirty years assisting individuals and businesses navigate the world of health freedom
and insurance. A serial entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity to put free- market ideals into action with the inception of the Affordable Care Act and
co-founded My Academy of Health Excellence which launched the Health
Excellence Plus™ healthcare program because of the direction the ACA was going to take the country was very troubling. At its core the Academy’s mission has been to allow doctors and patients to directly connect and to take back control of the health world from third party interference.

This matched perfectly with his philosophical bent and continued forays into activist circles advocating for personal freedoms in all areas which have now led to the formation of the Freedom Hub. A mission that started with a product has expanded into an entire ecosystem addressing from a free-market perspective every aspect of the health and now financial world of every self-responsible person, family or business.

A libertarian yogi, Charles Frohman got Forbes Magazine to feature his insurance upgrade combining Sharing & HSAs, and lobbies for National Health Federation – the world’s oldest health freedom org. Since 2018 he has co hosted Freedom Hub, a weekly webinar/podcast featuring entrepreneurs and advocates who are making a better world.  Check out his substack for regular blogs on his activities, and connect with him please at LinkedIn

With a BA from the College of William and Mary and an M.Ed. from George Washington University, Mr. Frohman worked for members of Congress, lobbied for financial trade associations, served as govt affairs associate director at the Cato Institute, helped John Mackey at Whole Foods start Conscious Capitalism, and ran the nonprofit associated with Governor Gary Johnson’s two presidential campaigns.  Charles is married with two children, living in Williamsburg, VA.

Program co-host Jim Grapek wears, like most of us, many hats. He’s an award-winning writer/producer (Discovery Channel, etc.), a board-certified Biofeedback practitioner, and an entrepreneur. As a producer, Jim worked as a health-freedom advocate for over two decades – covering Congressional hearings (FDA, CDC, EPA) and producing programs about vaccine safety, silver amalgam dental fillings, SSRI’s, and water fluoridation. He also helped many activists and pioneers in bioregulatory (integrative) medicine.

As an entrepreneur, Grapek has spent the past 10-years developing The Pavilion.  With the feel of a “Tomorrowland,” The Pavilion is an immersive, World’s Fair-like hub for building community and helping facilitate a shift to healthier, more conscious living. 

Pavilions will showcase the next generation of unity science, urban agriculture, and bioregulatory medicine — to actually cure disease.  And health sharing will replace traditional insurance.  

Additionally, Pavilions will feature dozens of classes, events and performances, great organic dining, fitness, and ongoing TED-like talks.

A graduate of Syracuse U. (Newhouse School) and Cornell (Business School – Masters), Jim is father of two, 20-something Danish-American girls and lives in Turkey with Turkish fiancé, Alexi. 

Jane Dolan is a Registered Nurse and Program Director of the Bioregulatory Medicine. She is passionate in her role of promoting the art and science of self-healing through the tenets of Bioregulatory Medicine.  

Having spent much of her nursing care in Orthopedic and Cardiac Rehab, she saw the limitations of the allopathic model and the suppression of natural medicine. Furthermore, she witnessed the ability to question science fade as healthcare has become an extension of Pharma.  

Through experiencing the censorship and loss of personal freedoms as a nurse she left allopathic healthcare and began her journey toward her current path. She founded “Uniting Healthcare Worker’s Against Mandatory Vaccination” and spent a considerable amount of time dedicated to research with her primary area of focus is the medical practices from the end of the 1800’s through the Spanish-American influenza epidemic. This research has uncovered much of the early chronology that has negatively shaped the current state of poor health America and much of the world experience. It also uncovered how much our liberties effect our health and happiness.

She is grateful that she found similar minded people who know that for health to change we need the trifecta of health, wealth and freedom and is inspired to see this movement grow.

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